Operate Door Stations

Door Stations can also be integrated and operated with the MxManagementCenter. For this purpose, Door Station-specific functions are provided in addition to the program functions for cameras.

Note: Door Station functions are not supported by MOBOTIX MOVE cameras and third-party cameras that provide an ONVIF S-compatible interface. For an overview of how the camera functions differ, see Camera Feature Overview.

See also: Setting Up Door Stations

Bell Signaling

If someone rings the doorbell, it can be indicated in different places of the application.

Where? Explanation
Alarm bar and Alarm Info bar A bell event is indicated by coloring the Alarm and Alarm info bar green. The prerequisite for this is that the Door Station bell events have been configured as alarms in the Camera Configuration dialog. The Alarm bar (1) is located at the bottom of the MxManagementCenter and the Alarm Info bar (2) below the camera image of the corresponding door camera.
Doorbell notification When the bell is rung, a ringing notification is displayed, no matter which view you are in. The prerequisite for this is that the Door Station bell events were configured as alarms in the Camera Configuration dialog and that the Notification was not deactivated in the header.

Note: The notification can be temporarily disabled by an administrator by clicking on Notification in the application header.

Counter on the bell icon The counter next to the bell icon in the Live view is increased by one.

Setting Bell Signaling
Go to this section to find out which signaling options can be combined and where they can be configured.

Open Door and Switch Lights

If the door camera has been set up properly, you can use MxMC to open the door and to switch the lights. To do this, use the and keys in the Live view Command bar and in the Command bar of the Grid view focus box.

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