Network Environments

Using MxManagementCenter, you can access cameras from different locations. For example, you can monitor the cameras at home over the local area network (LAN) or while on the move via a preconfigured DynDNS access over the Internet. These two methods require the use of different network access data. To avoid having to change the network access data every time, you can set up different network environments for the corresponding network access data in MxManagementCenter. Switching to a different environment causes the network address data for connecting to the cameras to be switched automatically.

See also: Working In Different Network Environments

Creating and Managing Environments

Creating Environments

  1. Click on in the Header bar. The Projects and Network Environments dialog opens.
    Program call: Projects and Network Environments
  2. Click on Environment and then on . This adds an environment with the name "New Environment". Assign a suitable name.

Changing Names and Deleting Environments

  1. Open the Network Environments dialog box.
  2. Editing names: Click on . Highlight the name and overwrite it.
  3. Deleting environments: Click on next to the environment you want to delete. Click on the red Delete box to the right of the environment.

Configuring Network Data for each Environment

  1. To set network data, open the Camera Configuration dialog. To do this, either right-click on the individual cameras in the Camera bar or open the Edit mode in the Device bar and right-click on the individual cameras. The Camera Configuration dialog opens.
    Program call: Camera Configuration
  2. Environment: Shows the current network environment. After starting the program for the first time, it shows the standard environment. All existing network environments are shown in the blue bar. Click on the environment you want to use. Next, perform the required network settings for this environment.
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