MxManagementCenter - Function Overview

MxManagementCenter is a video management software for setting up and using a complete video surveillance system that offers a variety of features for different tasks and user groups:

Area Features
Camera Management Unlimited number of cameras, definition of hierarchical camera groups, different system environments (e.g., with different network addresses)
Live Video Surveillance Display of individual cameras and freely definable grid views (with up to 80 cameras simultaneously), user-defined graphics and info views, automatic camera switching (sequencer function), multi-monitor support (number of available display devices can be further extended with MxThinClient devices), manual recording of live images (live recorder)
Alarm Processing Visual and audible alerting to new events, alarm filtering (specific alarms for specific types of alarms), background monitoring of cameras
Research, Analysis and Recording Playback Search and playback for individual cameras in the Playback view, time-synchronized search for several cameras simultaneously (grid playback), special search view with the latest alarm images of selected cameras, research and playback of data directly using the camera or via direct connection to the file server, fast display of the latest alarm images during live display (instant playback), subsequent distortion correction of hemispheric camera images, special search functions (subsequent video motion detection, histogram, Smart Data System)
Data Export Export of single or multiple time ranges in the recording at the same time, export of the data by the camera or via direct connection to the file server, export of individual image areas (subsequent PTZ), export at variable frame rates, resolution with and without audio
Door Station Functions Bell signaling and live two-way communication, open doors and switch lights, play back mailbox messages
Security Functions Definition of users and user rights, supervisor function (dual control), system security check, health check
Special Program Functions Softbuttons for executing special functions, action logs, remote control
Program Operation Fast switching between different views with different functions, fast display of cameras via drag & drop, touchscreen operation supported, various program behavior settings
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