Setting up an MxManagementCenter-based video surveillance system can be costly and will usually be done by an administrator / system installer. This section addresses administrators and system installers and provides an overview of the tasks that must be performed to efficiently set up a system.
However, not all of these tasks are mandatory for a basic installation. For an overview of the key steps of a basic installation, click here.

Step Explanation
Adding Cameras Integrate cameras with the Welcome wizard or in the Device bar
Set alarm filters
Set up recording paths
Setting Up Camera Groups Create camera groups
Add cameras to groups
Define group functions
Adding Users Create users
Assign permissions
Configuring Basic Camera
General settings
Image settings
Checking System Security Verify system security settings
Secure the system
Backing Up System Settings Save the settings made
Importing Existing Projects Import an MxControlCenter file (.ini file)
Import an MxEasy file (.ndb file)

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