Working With Multiple Monitors

MxMC supports the use of multiple monitors. Camera live images can be displayed on monitors directly connected to the computer running MxMC. Camera live images can also be switched to additional display devices using an MxThinClient.

Displaying Live Images On Monitors Connected To The Computer

If several monitors are connected to the computer running MxMC, the live images of individual cameras can be displayed by double-clicking on the different monitors. To do so, double-click either:

and select the monitor on which you want to view the live image.

Figure: Double-click on a camera image in the Camera bar

Using MxThinClient To Display Live Images On Additional Monitors

As far as MxMC is concerned, any number of monitors can be connected and operated. However, the number is limited by the graphics card installed in the computer. By using one or more MxThinClient devices, you can increase the number of display devices available for MxMC. This allows you, for example, to switch to additional display devices (monitors or TV sets) by double-clicking on the camera live images from MxMC.

Note: MxThinClient devices are not supported by MOBOTIX MOVE cameras and third-party cameras that provide an ONVIF S-compatible interface. For an overview of how the camera functions differ, see Camera Feature Overview.

Adding a MxThinClient

  1. The MxMessageSystem needs to be activated in the settings because the camera live images are connected via this system (Mac: MxManagementCenter > Settings > MxMessageSystem; Windows: File > Settings > MxMessageSystem). Also, make sure that the same parameters are set as in the MxThinClient.
    Furthermore, you must make sure that MxThinClient and the computer running MxMC use the same time server.
  2. Open the edit mode in the Device bar by clicking on at the bottom of the bar. Next, click on . The Add and Import dialog opens.
    Program call: Device Bar

  3. Click on . The MxThinClient Configuration dialog box opens.
  4. Enter a name for the MxThinClient that will be shown in the Device bar. You can freely select the name.
  5. Use the URL option to enter the current IP address or DNS domain name.
  6. Under Serial Number you need to enter the factory IP address printed on the MxThinClient housing. Remember that you need to enter the number correctly because it represents the address at which the MxThinClient is accessed in the MxMessageSystem.
  7. Enter the user name and password you used when installing the MxThinClient.
  8. Select the resolution that the camera's live image uses when data is sent to the additional display unit. If you select a resolution that is not supported by the display device, the message Resolution Not Supported is shown on the display of the display device. In this case, select a lower display resolution.
  9. Select how long the live camera image will be displayed before the MxThinClient will continue to run in the configured mode.
    If you select Unlimited for the display length, the camera's live image is displayed until the MxThinClient receives a new command, such as when an event is triggered based on an event-controlled setting.
    If you want to stop the display of the camera’s live image before the set display length elapses, click on the icon. It appears when you move the mouse pointer over the name of the MxThinClient in the Device bar.
  10. Close the dialog box. Then deactivate the edit mode of the device bar by clicking on .

Using MxThinClient

To switch a live camera image to an additional display device, either double-click on the desired camera image or drag and drop the camera image to the appropriate MxThinClient in the MxThinClient section of the Device bar.

The MxThinClient section is only visible in the Device bar if a MxThinClient has been integrated.
You need to possess administrator rights to add, manage or delete an MxThinClient.

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