About The MxManagementCenter Online Help

The online help introduces you to the concept and features of MxMC and helps you with any questions or issues that may arise while working with MxMC. The online help generally refers to the full range of functions of the application, even if individual functions may not be available to all users. The online help is divided into various sections, so that both end users and system administrators (installers) can find help on the topics that are relevant to them. The help texts can be called up via keyword search or by navigating the table of contents.

In addition to the online help, the application also offers local help. You can access it by clicking on the question mark icon in the application's header. These help texts give you a short explanation of the respective function or field. If additional explanation is needed, further links are displayed in the online help.

Online Help For System Administrators

The Setup, Management and System Configuration sections are intended for system administrators. In addition, administrators will find information and explanations about how to use the MxMC features in the sections targeted at end users.

Online Help For End Users

The online help provides end users (users) with information on how to use the functions provided in the various sections of MxMC. The Using The Application section is specifically for users.

Controls In The Help Pages

The help pages use the following controls:

Controls Explanation
Program call: Call the corresponding program dialog directly
(only available in a later version)
Show and hide text
Call up the search function (keyword search)
Show and hide the table of contents
Open the Welcome dialog

Open the Online Help

The online help can be accessed directly from the application. Do so by clicking on Help in the Menu bar. You can access the local help by clicking on the question mark icon in the application's header. You can download the web help without the context help from the Download Center on the MOBOTIX website: Web Help MxManagementCenter.


Installation instructions are not included in this documentation. Please refer to the software download information available from the MOBOTIX website Download Center at Software Downloads: MxManagementCenter. For technical questions, please contact our support. See MOBOTIX Support for more information.

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