Searching And Playing Back In The Grid Playback

If a camera registers an event and you want to know if and what other cameras in that camera group were recording at that time, you can use Grid Playback to view the recordings of multiple cameras synchronously.
The camera in the focus window is the lead camera. So, if you are browsing the recordings on this camera to find events or specific situations or if you are playing back recordings, the other cameras will follow the leading camera as soon as playback is paused. The program always shows the event images that are closest to the timestamp of the leading camera. If the time of the other cameras differs from the leading camera, the difference will be displayed at the lower border of the event images.

  1. Open Grid Playback by right-clicking on the Navigation button and selecting Grid Playback.
  2. Drag the desired camera group from the group bar.
  3. Use the timestamp in the focus window (1) or the calendar slider (2) to set the time.
  4. All cameras jump to the event image that is closest to the specified point in time. The timestamp beneath each camera image shows the time and date of the image. The difference to the reference time is shown at the right.

Hint: You can also use the Grid Playback by dragging a group onto the Playback view. The original camera will be shown in the focus window.

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