Searching And Playing Back In The Research View

Use the Research view to search all recorded event images at once. You can filter the results by event type, that is, by bell events or by motion events to get a quick overview.  Or you can reduce the results to the event you have marked as "important" in the Playback view. The search results are displayed as preview images including camera name, timestamp and type of event trigger. Note that you can play back the recording to an event directly from the event image. Double-click on the event image to open the Playback view and to start playing back the recording.

Note: The Research view is not available for MOBOTIX MOVE cameras and third-party cameras that provide an ONVIF S-compatible interface. For an overview of how the camera functions differ, see Camera Feature Overview.

Displaying Camera Event Images

Displaying Camera Group Event Pictures

Filtering By Event Types

Marking Events

Playing Back Events

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