Special Search Functions

There are several special functions available for searching records.

Note: These special features are not supported by MOBOTIX MOVE cameras and third-party cameras that provide an ONVIF S-compatible interface. For an overview of how the camera functions differ, see Camera Feature Overview.

Searching With Post Video Motion Detection (Post VM)

Post video motion detection (Post VM) is added to MxMC by default as a plugin. This plugin allows searching recordings for changes in one or more image areas of a camera. To open the post video motion detection, right-click in the Playback view or in the Grid Playback on the plugin button in the Command bar and then select Post Video Motion Detection.

Graphical Representation Of The Frequency Distribution Of Events In The Histogram

The histogram in the Histogram bar illustrates the distribution of the event frequency and thus provides a quick overview of the events of one or more cameras. Open the Histogram bar by clicking on the dark gray border on the right margin of the MxMC.

Smart Data-System: Smart Data-System: Transaction data in combination with video surveillance

With the MOBOTIX Smart Data System, transactions in the MxMC can be linked to the video recordings made at the time of the transactions. It enables you to quickly find and review any suspicious activities. Such a system makes it easy to find and review suspicious activity.
Please note: In order to use the MOBOTIX Smart Data System, you must purchase a Smart Data License.

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