Checking System Security

After completing the basic configuration of the system, you can check its security. The Wizards & Tools view offers the Secure System wizard. It analyzes the security of the cameras and assesses their status based on common best practices. If test criteria are not met, possible measures to protect the cameras are provided.

Note: The system security check feature is not available for MOBOTIX MOVE cameras and third-party cameras that provide an ONVIF S-compatible interface. For an overview of how the camera functions differ, see Camera Feature Overview.

Verifying Settings for System Security

  1. To open the Wizards & Tools view, right-click on the navigation key in the Command bar. Select the Wizards & Extras view.
  2. Now select the desired camera or camera group in the Device bar or the Camera/Group bar.
  3. Click Secure System.
  4. The following criteria are now checked:
  5. The result of the check is displayed for each camera in the Secure System dialog. It will also show all cases in which cameras were not checked due to a connection error, for example. 

  6. Status Explanation
    Not secured There was at least one criterion that was listed as not secure.
    Software too old Please check the camera software and update it, if necessary.
    Connection error Check your network connection to the camera and perform the security check again.
    Not supported The camera (s) cannot be analyzed or secured using the wizard.
    Secured Camera is secure; no further action is necessary.

Secure System

In the Secure System dialog, click on Next. Cameras resulting in a Not secure status are displayed together with whichever of the three criteria that were fulfilled as well as the measures that need to be taken to properly secure the cameras:

Criterion Explanation
Password Changes the password of all user accounts on the cameras that use the standard “meinsm” password. It also include ONVIF users whose passwords have never been changed.
Enter a new password and confirm it. A suitable password has at least eight characters. It can consist of lowercase and uppercase letters, digits and special characters (see ). If you set a password that does not meet these criteria, a red frame appears around the text field. The frame turns green once you have entered a valid password.
The new password is automatically entered in the MxMC project data.
SSL encryption Disables camera connections via unencrypted HTTP and configures the cameras to accept HTTPs connections only.
The TCP port and the SSL setting will be automatically updated in the MxMC project data, if necessary.
The TCP port will not be updated for cameras that are connected via a remote URL. For remote URL connections, you may need to change port forwarding in the router to the appropriate setting.
Please note that different services, such as network messaging etc., will no longer work when you disable HTTP.
Public Access Disables access that does not require password entry to the web interface and the APIs of the cameras.

Click on OK in the dialog box. The selected security measures will be performed. The security status for the selected camera or camera group will be analyzed once again and the result for each camera is displayed.

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