Adding Users

After you have added the cameras and organized them into groups, set up users and any other administrators, if required. Users and administrators are set up in the User Management. You set up access permissions at the same time. You can assign rights for users depending on the specific functions they need, whereas an administrator possesses all rights.

See also: Managing Users

Creating Users or Administrators

Open the User Management by clicking on in the Header bar. Next, click on Add .
Program call: User Management

User type and user name

  1. Enter the corresponding user name.
  2. Select the desired user type: user or administrator.
    The user type is set to User by default. The sections Weekly profiles and User rights are available for users, in contrast to administrators. All other settings apply to both user types and will be used in the following description; however, reference will only be made to User.
  3. Use the Active option to enable the new user immediately or later on.


  1. Enter a password and confirm it.
  2. Use the Expires option if you want to require the user to change the password at regular intervals.
  3. If the user is to change the original password upon the next login, select the Force change on next login option.
    Note: Activating this option automatically gives the user the "Change Password" right, even if it had been disabled before.
  4. The Force Complex Password option ensures that users can only set secure passwords.
    A secure password has at least eight characters, consists of lowercase and uppercase letters, including at least one special character, one digit and one character. Furthermore, it cannot be one of the last thirteen passwords used on this user account. If you are trying to set a password that does not meet the criteria, a red frame around the text field will appear.


  1. You can establish a specific setting for time ranges in a weekly profile for users who can only access MxMC at specific times. This section is not displayed when creating an administrator because the administrator always has all rights and access to MxMC.
    Click on Edit weekly profiles to create a weekly profile. The Weekly Profiles dialog opens. There are two predefined profiles available from the beginning: the Weekend profile (Saturday 00:00 to Sunday 24:00) and the Working days profile (Monday 00:00 to Friday 24:00).
  2. Close the dialog box to finish editing the weekly profiles. You can then use the new (or modified) weekly profile in user management. To do so, click on the Weekly Profile box and select the desired profile.
    Note: 24 hours is set by default. In this example, the user always has access to MxMC.
  3. Click on the calendar icon to easily invert the settings of the weekly profile. For example, if you have created a profile with access on the weekend and would like to activate the alarms for working days, click on the Invert checkbox and the profile is used in inverted fashion. 


In addition, you can specify after how many minutes of inactivity this user will be automatically logged out.

Setting Up Access Rights

Every user has all user rights initially. Deactivate the rights that should not be available for a specific user in the User Rights section.
This section is not displayed when creating an administrator because the administrator always has all rights.

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