User Management

The user management in the application header allows for the centralized management of user data and access rights.

See also: Adding Users

Managing Users

Open the User Management in the application header by clicking on .

Deactivating Users

If - for security reasons - you want to prevent a particular user from logging in, you can deactivate that user. This prevents the user from logging in, but all settings remain in the system. To do this, select the user and deactivate the Active option.

Deleting Users

Click on and then on next to the user you want to remove.

Changing Access Rights

Click on the user whose settings you want to edit. Then configure the user rights by enabling or disabling the corresponding rights in the User Rights section.

Temporarily Assigning Supervisor Passwords to Functions

Certain situations may require users to execute functions for which they usually do not have access rights. These functions can be made available temporarily using a supervisor password.

  1. Click on Supervisor to protect functions with a supervisor password.
  2. In addition, you can specify after how many minutes of inactivity this user will be logged out automatically.
    Note: While a recording is being played back in Playback view or in Grid Playback, MxMC does not automatically terminate the supervisor mode after the specified period of time.
  3. Select the functions that can be accessed after entering the password.
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